From Anxiety
to Freedom

Anxiety, stress and low moods are something we all experience at various points in our lives. However, they can very quickly become a permanent state without you even realising it. They can affect your mood, mental health, physical health, relationships and job.

At Smash Your Anxiety we do exactly what it says on the tin! We help you to overcome those feelings of anxiety and stress using hypnotherapy. 

During this unprecedented situation I am offering complimentary hypnotherapy sessions to NHS frontline workers to help them manage and reduce their anxiety and stress. To book your complimentary session email me at including a note of your NHS email.”

The First Step...

To establish how you are feeling right now. 

Do the following feelings seem familiar? Are there any you can relate to?

A Constant State of Dread

That feeling of dread in your stomach or the feeling of being on-edge even before your day has even begun.

Small Things Set You Off

Do you snap easily, get angry or upset up about things that ordinarily wouldn’t bother you?

Losing Sleep

Struggling to get to sleep worrying about things, thoughts going over in your mind or waking in the night?

Struggling to Focus

Struggling to focus, having incoherent thoughts, preoccupied even when you have slept well?

Feeling Tense

Stiff, have muscle pain, struggling to relax?

Feeling Restless

Don’t feel you can relax, find peace, feel the need to move constantly?

Upset Stomach

Are you experiencing excessive gas or diarrhoea?

Cold Hands & Feet

Suffering from poor circulation, feeling the cold?

Do you Identify with any of the above? Find out more about how hypnotherapy works and can help you

If you are experiencing and can relate to some of these feelings then I can help you.

Using Hypnotherapy you go through a process that helps you relax and focus your mind.

While in this relaxed state you can focus on your subconscious mind to explore and relieve you of the anxiety, stress and depression you are feeling

Our Treatments

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Trauma PTSD
  • Addiction
  • Alcohol
  • Low Confidence
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Phobias
  • Weight Problems
  • Psychosexual Dysfunction

“I was not expecting any miracles and on attending my first session I was a little sceptical. However, the hypnotherapy…”

Anon – Peebles


Tell me about your situation and how I can help you!