Alcohol Addiction – The Tell Tale Signs
alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction – The Tell Tale Signs

How many of these statements resonate with you?

Levels of alcohol

  • I drink more than I used to drink
  • I wonder sometimes if my drinking is a bit out of control
  • I sometimes binge-drink
  • It would feel unrealistic to only have a few drinks every week
  • I always hope that someone else will be the driver on a night out
  • I have felt embarrassed when putting the empty bottles in the recycling
  • I seem to be able to drink more than people around me
  • I have hidden drinks or not told the truth when asked about how much I

have consumed

Cost / resources

  • A chunk of my income is spent on alcohol

Other people

  • A friend, relative or health professional has commented about my drinking
  • Alcohol has affected my relationships
  • I don’t like it when people ask me how much I drink
  • My children are unhappy with my level of drinking


  • Alcohol has affected my weight
  • Alcohol has affected my sleep – I either sleep badly, or I use it to get to sleep
  • I wonder if alcohol is risking my long term health
  • If a doctor asked me how much I was drinking, I may not say the full amount
  • Alcohol affects my sex life


  • I drink when I’m bored
  • I drink when I’m stressed
  • I drink when I’m on my own
  • I drink when I’m angry
  • I drink to feel numb
  • I drink to feel emotionally differently

Social life

  • My social life normally involves places with alcohol
  • It is usually my suggestion to have the last drink of the night or time for another round
  • If one of my good friends stopped drinking alcohol, I might not socialise as much with him/her as we wouldn’t be going to the same places

The next day

  • A hangover or feeling groggy has affected my weekend
  • I have felt embarrassed or ashamed by something I did when I was drunk
  • I have felt guilty by something I did when I was drunk
  • I can’t always remember what I did the night before
  • I sometimes wake up and check my phone to see if I rang anyone, texted anyone, or put something I regret on social media
  • I have had to take time off work or missed family things due to drinking the day before
  • I don’t perform as well at work after a night out


  • I have driven despite not being confident that I am ‘under the limit’ if I was stopped
  • People say that I become more argumentative or aggressive when I have had too much to drink
  • I have put myself in risky situations when I have had a drink
  • I have had sex or become intimate with people when I have had a drink – which I might not do sober


  • I have decided on a Monday that I must drink less this week but not stuck to it

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