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Hypnotherapy for anxiety works wonders exceptionally well on all types and the perfect, drug free choice for sufferers.  It is normal for all of us to feel anxious at certain times, such as feeling nervous before an interview or worrying about affording Christmas. But if it feels like anxiety is taking a strong hold on you, affecting your daily life and happiness, then seeking professional help is a good idea. I am a highly qualified anxiety hypnotherapist in Kent.

I can transform your outlook, leading you from anxiety to a bright new you.

There are 5 main types of anxiety – which one are you experiencing?

You will most likely be feeling waves of uneasiness or dread, over-worrying about life in general. You might be finding it difficult to calm your worries, or feel that your anxiety has a grip on you. You may be tired or grumpy due to poor sleep, your self-esteem may be wavering, and you will have difficulty focusing on normal daily activities. Anxiety hypnosis can lift you from anxiety to a bright new you.


Are you experiencing sudden, overwhelming and repeated attacks of fear? These panic attacks may be happening once a month, or a few times a week. They will most likely make you feel dizzy, nauseous and breathless. You might be avoiding particular situations that trigger your panic attacks at work or in your personal life. Hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help reduce them. Please note, panic attacks are not dangerous, though tightness in your chest or palpitations can mimic a heart attack.

You are likely to be having frequent, unwanted thoughts or urges (obsessions) that are making you intensely anxious. As a result, you may be feeling the need to repeat a certain behaviour or ritual (compulsion) over and over again, to give you temporary relief from your anxiety. Is OCD becoming a never-ending pattern that is dominating your life? As an OCD hypnotherapist in Kent, I have successfully treated many OCD sufferers. OCD is common but very difficult to overcome without support, so please don’t delay your therapy any longer. Help is literally just around the corner!


Sadly, you will have had a very frightening or distressing experience that is now having a big impact on your mental health and happiness. You are likely to be having flashbacks or nightmares, re-living the event. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can alleviate your symptoms. PTSD can make you feel scared, guilty and isolated, irritable and unable to sleep properly. This anxiety disorder may happen immediately after the traumatic experience, or months or even years later. Help is at hand.

This is more than just shyness – it is an intense fear of social situations. Do you feel extremely anxious or self-conscious when you have to talk to people, or give a presentation, or even eat in public? Maybe you try to avoid social activities in case you look incompetent or feel judged. You might experience physical symptoms of anxiety like sweating, trembling or nausea when faced with a social situation. My anxiety hypnotherapy in Kent is a natural, non-medical treatment that re-balances and calms your inner self.

The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

Social Anxiety Disorder


All types of anxiety disorder originate from some kind of trauma.

The science bit: Anxiety can also manifest as depression, addiction, anger or even physical pain. Symptoms of anxiety can be diverse, but all anxiety disorders are rooted in trauma. Your trauma may not be obvious and other people may not see it as trauma – we all have our own sensitivities and imbalances. These imbalances make our sympathetic nervous system over-sensitive, making us feel the “fight or flight” syndrome. 

My aim, through hypnotherapy for anxiety, is to re-balance the sympathetic and the parasympathetic parts of your nervous system (the key to how to stop anxiety). This will in turn make you feel calmer and more able to actively engage with life again, unlocking your true potential.

To put it simply: When you come to ask for my help with anxiety, we will delve into the root of whatever it is that is bothering you. We will then make sense of it together, deciding on the best and fastest route to re-balance and recovery. I can offer you anxiety hypnotherapy in Kent either face to face or on-line.


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