Boost Your Weightloss With Hypnoslim & A Personal Trainer

Boost Your Weightloss With Hypnoslim & A Personal Trainer

Our powerful online weightloss program; Hypnoslim is getting underway on August 12th.

A comprehensive approach to weight loss includes a healthy mindset, a healthy diet, and exercise to achieve and maintain the desired results.

We have teamed up with personal trainer Julia Stankiewicz to help you achieve the results and figure you’ve always wanted.

Julia will work with you to help you lose weight, get fitter and feel great with her Online Personal Training program.

You will receive fat-loss 4/8/12 week training plan which will help you drop body fat & transform your body. What’s included in the online training plan?

– Advice at the beginning of the plan – online consultation where we can design plan which suits your lifestyle

– Advice at the end of the plan – online consultation where we can discuss your progress and direct you how to continue your fitness journey

– 4/8/12 week customised training plan – including videos, which guide you through all of the exercises in your plan

Training plan that you can perform at home with minimal equipment

Julia will guide you towards:

– dropping body fat & gaining healthy habits

– increasing your confidence, discipline and feeling of self-achievement

– improving your total body conditioning, mobility and endurance

– improving your exercise technique, explaining you the correct way to perform exercises in the training plan – adjust the exercises to your body & your training intensity

– tracking your progress & helping you improve your habits


This plan is suitable for beginners and advanced levels.


1) Personal training plan options:

a) 4 week fat-loss online personal training plan + 2 one to one consultations £69

 b) 8 week fat-loss online personal training plan + 3 one to one consultations £119

c) 12 week fat-loss online personal training plan + 4 one to one consultations £189


2) Add Customised Nutrition to your online training plan for only £89!

You will receive 4-week meal plan designed to help you lose fat and achieve your goal. What’s included in the program?

4-week meal plan designed to help you drop body fat

– shopping list, which will save your time in the grocery store or will make online food delivery easier

– advice at the start of your meal plan – to make sure we include meals you love the most and which suit you

Customised meal plan will help you:

– to stay on track of your eating habits and make it easier to achieve your fitness goal

– make meal prep and grocery shopping quick & easy – you will know exactly what to buy weekly and can prepare your healthy meal faster and ahead of time

– to snack less as you will be prepared ahead and know exactly when is your next meal

– to save money by following your weekly meal plan – you will reduce food waste & reduce unnecessary expenses

– to eat out less and create healthy eating routine

– to apply healthy eating in your everyday routine and make healthy habits

–   to keep your calories and macros in track and achieve your fitness goals


Contact details:

–   email:

   Phone number (whatsapp available): 07481939394

Visit her website here. 

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