Hypnotherapy a tool for professional success

Hypnotherapy a tool for professional success

You might never have considered hypnotherapy to either manage work related stress and anxiety or improve your performance at work but it can achieve both, quickly and effectively. 

Your success depends on many things but how you show up for work each day is one of them.

This diagram drawn from Coherence by Dr Alan Watkins shows that to perform at your peak that performance is not just down to how we think. Our emotions and beyond that our physiology are key to perform at your best so we will work on your breathing too.

hypnotherapy for professional success

Familiar examples of emotions are anxiety and stress. For some these can feel like motivators to go out and do better. If that works for you then great. However, for many people it damages their mental and physical health resulting in sleepless nights and burnout.


How can Hypnotherapy help you at work?

Overcome your fears

It can help you conquer fears you might have for example, presenting, speaking in public, failing or dealing with confrontation. Most phobias or fears are a byproduct of past experience and are psychological in nature. 


Overcome anxiety

Another use of hypnotherapy is in soothing anxiety. It can be a powerful weapon in combating work related stress and anxiety. The pressure of deadlines, performance, your managers or customers expectations, and juggling everything can leave you in a tense and anxious state. While we can manage this to some extent there is a breaking point for all of us. 

With hypnosis you can target negative thoughts and feelings directly so you can get ride of any unnecessary anxiety. You can then be free to work more effectively and efficiently. 


Feel more confident

An increase in your confidence is one of the most effective ways to achieve success. Often, only those who are willing to ask for (or demand) a raise or promotion, get one. Many professional career coaches claim that their client’s number one struggle in the job market is having the confidence required to score that high-paying position. 

Hypnosis can help reaffirm an individual’s worth, installing a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in the workplace. Individuals who have a keen understanding of their strengths and weaknesses tend to be more successful in their projects and professional relationships.


Improve your memory 

Trying to remember and keep on top of all aspects of your job or a project can be a cause of great stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that hypnosis can help improve your memory which can be invaluable not just at work but in all aspects of your life. It has also been found to help with concentration and focus which again just improves your performance at work and reduces stress. 


Sharpen your business skills

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to sharpen your business skills. By addressing the aforementioned challenges such as stress, anxiety, forgetfulness, lack of confidence and so on, you can become more focused, confident, productive, effective while at the same time relaxed. 

Hypnosis has the potential to address the many issues that keep an individual from being more successful on the job and the tools and belief to achieve your goals.  

Using my well tried techniques we can overcome these challenges in just a few sessions. Going for psychotherapy or counselling might take years of baring your soul once a week with possibly little discernible improvement. My aim is to get you where you want to be fast or at least quickly.


One of the aspects of hypnotherapy that appeals to a great number of professionals is how quick and effective it is. Your primary objective is get rid of your stress and anxiety so that you can perform at the top of your game feeling relaxed and in control.

A review of psychotherapy literature by Dr Barrios, published in 1970 found After surveying over 2000 journal articles, Dr. Alfred Barrios came up with the following recovery rates:

Type of therapy                        Recovery rates                          Number of sessions

Hypnotherapy                                    93%                                                       6

Behavior therapy                               72%                                                     22

Psychoanalysis                                 38%                                                    600


If any of the aforementioned challenges sound familiar and resonate with you please get in touch and tell me about your situation and how I can help.


Discover hypnotherapy a tool for professional success.

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