Case Studies

When Kylie came to see me, she wasn’t sure what she wanted. She just knew something wasn’t right. She had feelings of worthlessness. As a child, she had been neglected for long periods and had recently lost both parents in unfortunate circumstances. Following our conversation, I formed the view that  her real challenge was Imposter Syndrome, coupled with some trauma from her childhood and recent professional experiences.

She was clearly highly intelligent but was overwhelmed by people taking advantage of her when she didn’t feel she was capable, even though she had incredible credentials.

She responded well to the work ,which involved  gradually seeing her new preferred version of herself coming into being.

She has turned her life round and is now able to command fees for her work which are in line with her professional standing.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Hatti came along with stress: she was fed up with her job as an executive which required a lot of air travel, and she had developed fear of flying. By the time we got to session 3 she disclosed she’d been abused by an uncle as a child.

Highly intelligent, she wanted to feel able to get on with her job again as the main breadwinner for her family.

As a result of the work we did together, she now flies comfortably and enjoys her job to the full, feeling fulfilled in her work and as a mother.

She continues to prosper.

Tom wanted to stop smoking. He was fed up with coughing and feelings of breathlessness. Additionally, he despised himself for not being in control. As often happens, he’d tried everything – patches, gum, the works – without success, and seeing me was a last resort. We’d met at a networking event and he decided to get in touch even though he wasn’t convinced it would work for him.

We did my normal smoking cessation single session process  and he wrote a year later to say how amazed he was that it had been successful and he was still smoke free.

quit smoking

Nikki presented with panic disorder. Confined spaces were the worst. She’d been bullied at school and abused by her parents at various times.

The panic disorders at first didn’t seem to relate to any specific event in her life, but gradually we were able to piece together the background and she overcame these quickly. At the same time she’d lost confidence in her abilities.

She then decided that she had enough confidence to become a mother, but wanted some help in preparation for this with her fertility. So, she is now the proud mother of a baby boy.

This brought her and her husband much joy.

case study 5

Matthew got in touch with me after he had repeatedly applied for a promotion to the board but was unsuccessful. He had grown increasingly frustrated that every time he applied for a new role or promotion he was turned down. While he had the aptitude, the skills and the desire when it came to the crunch, he would lose his composure and poise when interviewed. He was watching his peers and contempories overstep him in their career, despite knowing that he had been ear marked for the top jjob. He sensed that his wife was becoming frustrated also having put her career to the side so that he could progress.

I spent time with him understanding what happened and asking questions about previous experiences where he didn’t achieve the success he craved. Matthew recounted some incidents of bullying from childhood which appeared to have knocked his core identity, leaving him ‘ruffled’. It was clearly affecting his confidence in meetings and at home with his wife.

He was very clear that he wanted to not only resolve his feelings about those past incidents but also to prepare himself mentally and emotionally to move up to the next level quickly and have a seat on the board. Over the space of 6 weeks using a range of modern change techniques I helped him get rid of the taint of the bullying and rebuild a healthy new core identity which would enable him to achieve the success he desired. This gave a solid foundation to progress to some behavioural work which enabled him to build on his rounded character and give him more flexibility in how he approached situations. Several months later he found the opportunity he was looking for and the promotion had be striving for.

He contacted me in October to let me know that he had finally achieved the promotion and the seat on the board. He was delighted and thrilled to have finally realised the success he desired and was very positive about his future.


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