What happens in your FREE 10 minute Consultation?

From the outset, Charles will ensure you are completely comfortable with any course of action he recommends as he understands that the decision to seek support can be a daunting one.

Initial strategy consultation

The initial consultation is free and via telephone.  Any issues you are experiencing will be discussed and as Charles’ support draws from a wide range of skills, any programme of support recommended will be explained in simple terms, to guarantee you feel completely happy with your support plan.


Here’s what will happen:

  • We discuss your anxiety, phobia or concern and how it is affecting you
  • We discuss where you would ideally like to see yourself in e.g. 6 months time
  • I recommend a support programme tailored to your concerns and future aims
  • I provide details of that support programme for you to take away and consider
  • I give you a FREE MP3 which explains more about your concern, to give you a greater understanding of anxiety and/or phobia and how it can be treated
  • Later, if you would like to go ahead with the programme, get in touch and we’ll beat your anxiety together!

Don’t let Anxiety dominate your life any longer, it CAN be resolved with my short support programme.  I only offer two FREE consultations per week, so please book yours here to secure it:

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient

Steve Maraboli


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