Executive Coaching With a difference

Executive Coaching With a Difference

The question I’d like to ask of you is whether you believe you are already performing at your best?

Even if you are already performing at your best refreshing your mindset can help you go further, especially if you have some underlying and often unrecognised trauma.

If you are stuck or a young executive keen to break through to the next level then this is also for you.

It has been suggested by a Harvard psychologist that we can hold only 7 plus or minus 2 ideas in our heads at any one time. So where is the rest of our knowledge? It rests somewhere in the area we call the unconscious or subconscious. Here we store all of life’s experiences, the useful and not so useful. All the messages we’ve ever heard, the pain and the trauma are still there, linked and involved in how we experience the world every day and how we approach the challenge of succeeding.

Most importantly any unconscious reasons which hold you back are still there preventing you from living the best life. From being the success you deserve, given all the things you’ve already achieved. No matter how much your tell your conscious brain and use your pre-frontal cortex to try and think around the problems something below this will drag you back

My eight phase Executive Coaching with a Difference programme is designed to move you forward rapidly from wherever you find yourself to a much more rewarding life.

Benefits of The Executive Coaching Programme are:

  • Improved creativity

  • Increased focus

  • Increased awareness

  • Increased mental flexibility

  • Greater sense of purpose

  • Greater sense of personal fulfilment

  • Achieving your goals faster and with less effort

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