How It works

How does hypnotherapy work?

Phase 1 - Laying New Foundations

  • We develop a clear understanding of your anxiety and how it affects your life
  • We explore how you would like your future to be – your new mindset
  • We start removing your roadblocks by addressing triggers, fears and other negative aspects 

Phase 2 - Strengthening Your Mindset

  • We build inner resilience
  • We explore your new mindset, the openings and the empowerment it brings
  • We equip you with the tools you need to bridge your past to your future
  • We make secure links to the life you want

Phase 3 - a lasting structure

  • We complete the structure that supports you
  • We review all that we have done to ensure the structure is safe, resilient and lasting
  • We spend time deeply experiencing how your new mindset is becoming your reality
  • We celebrate the new version of you!

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