What is Hypnotherapy?

From Anxiety to Freedom

Hypnotherapy Explained

First, let’s clarify the difference between the 2 words: hypnosis is a state of mind and hypnotherapy is the deployment of that state of mind in search of a solution to resolving your pain, challenge and discomfort.

Using guided relaxation, you become calm and relaxed which heightens your awareness, focus and concentration. You are so relaxed and focused that anything going on around you is temporarily blocked out or ignored. In this naturally occurring state, you can focus your attention, with the help of a trained therapist, on specific thoughts, tasks, challenges and issues. This allows your subconscious mind to get to work and explore the source of your anxiety, stress with the goal of reducing or removing it all together.

The result is that you are more open to suggestion while in a hypnotic state. This is your opportunity to alter your perception and feelings around the situation or issue that is causing you to feel anxious, stressed or depressed.

What are the benefits?

Hypnotherapy is clinically proven to provide medical and therapeutic benefits, most notably in the reduction of stress and anxiety. The goal is to reduce or remove those feelings from you, allowing you to feel like yourself again and to get on with your life.

Hypnotherapy can help reduce or remove:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Addiction
  • Weight Problems
  • Grief
  • Performance Anxiety
  • OCD
  • PTSD/Trauma

The symptoms, feelings and the intensity of anxiety, stress and will vary from one person to another. There is no required level of anxiety you have to have to benefit from hypnotherapy. Our belief is that you do not, and should not, have to continue to live with it. 

The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

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