Hypnotherapy for clastrophobia in kent

From Anxiety to Freedom

Do You Have a Fear of Confined Spaces?

Hypnotherapy for claustrophobia is an exceptional, drug free treatment which can give excellent results in just a few short sessions.

Typically, if you are suffering from claustrophobia,  you will be afraid of places like lifts, tunnels, tubes (really tough if you live in London), planes and even toilets. You may need to have a procedure or hospital test such as an MRI scan which could make you feel extremely anxious or even bring on a panic attack at the thought of having to go. This even occurs when we know it is irrational.


It can be so extreme you feel as though you may die. But whatever the cause, there is likely to be some causative factor which can be resolved in only a few hypnotherapy for claustrophobia sessions. 


How we approach it depends on your experience and how the condition affect you. It may be that we work on your anxiety or on panic attacks, in any case the focus is on getting you to feel confident to go out and about without undue concern. My aim is to take you beyond coping strategies to feeling free and enjoying life.

My modern hypnosis techniques can free you of your claustrophobia so why wait. 

The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

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