Hypnosis for Depression in Kent

From Anxiety to Freedom

What does it feel like when You depressed

If you are feeling depressed you may well be feeling lethargic and experiencing low self-worth which in turn may trigger one or both of two thought processes:  “It’s just the way I am – I can’t be sorted out” or “Medicine hasn’t really made a lot of difference and I don’t really see how talking about it is going to fix it”.

It’s likely that you will be experiencing poor sleep patterns, including over-dreaming, and excessive rumination with thoughts chasing round through your head, resulting in feeling tired and in turn just having these feelings of being depressed. (And of course depression and anxiety often go hand in hand as any depression sufferer will know)

Sometimes we think we have depression when we have the following:

Being unhappy

Being fed up

Feeling stressed

Feeling anxious

Just plain bored

However the real signs or symptoms of depression are more typically:

When you have difficulty thinking clearly

You feel miserable and sad

You feel a burden to others

You have a kind of black dog feeling

You feel physically exhausted all the time

You feel irritable and angry, maybe more than usual

You have physical aches and pains which have no apparent cause

And you may have had some specific trauma which has led you to feel this way

However the complete list of potential feelings is much longer.

There are numerous reasons why it may have happened too beyond trauma: it may happen

When life goes wrong or not as planned or Following an illness or life change

Or just in a cycle of where things seem to be constantly getting worse.

And in your body you go inward, look down, curl up and you may lose or gain weight.

Using modern hypnosis to treat depression

Together we can look at what’s been happening in your life so that things start to come into perspective and we can work out the best course of action for you to move forward to leave these unpleasant feelings behind. Of course we will need to check that your GP is in favour of working in this way before proceeding to work. Once this is behind us we can focus on moving you forward using the vast array of modern hypnosis tools and techniques which I have to assist you live life to the full again.


Our aim is to move you forward to have a sense of control over your life and your emotions so you can begin to look forward with hope to your future and start to live a life with meaning and purpose.


The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.


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