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Hypnotherapy For Fear of Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for a fear of public speaking can have excellent results and doesn’t need many sessions to get you speaking in public with confidence.

Do you find your legs turn to jelly when you even think about speaking in public? You’re not alone. Fear of speaking in public is fairly common.

My tried and tested techniques give you a way forward so that you can present with confidence.

Other things that you may experience are:

  • nausea
  • breathlessness
  • dizziness
  • chest tightness
  • excessive sweating

Sometimes it’s not as pronounced as this but is still uncomfortable: you may blush or even be at a loss for words, even with as few as just two other people.

Is Fear of Public Speaking Holding You Back?

Fear of public speaking holds people back in all sorts of ways.

You might want to give a speech at your daughter’s wedding, or stand up and toast your son or daughter at their 18th or 21st birthday party, but fear standing up in front of all their guests.  Sometimes having a fear of public speaking can hold you back at work and find your career doesn’t progress the way you would like it to.

My modern hypnosis techniques for fear of speaking in public can help you overcome these challenges. I do go further though, and can give you some helpful tips about how to prepare key elements when planning a presentation which will give you more confidence in your presentation.

After a few sessions of my hypnotherapy for fear of speaking in public treatments, the next time you are giving a speech, you will be able to relax with the confidence that you are well prepared and actually look forward to a great presentation.


The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

Hypnotherapy For A Fear Of Public Speaking - Gravesend Kent

My tried and tested techniques give you a way forward so that you can present with confidence.

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