Hypnotherapy for GAD

    From Anxiety to Freedom

    Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    Everyone gets anxious or worried sometimes, especially if money is tight, or if we have family problems or health issues. That’s life, but if you feel like your worries are dominating your thoughts, making it hard to focus on general daily activities, then you may have GAD. You know in the back of your mind that you are over-worrying, finding it difficult to control your anxiety or nerves. 

    As a highly qualified GAD hypnotherapist in Kent. I have helped many people recover from GAD and can help lead you from anxiety to freedom.

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    Symptoms of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

    GAD develops slowly over time and can start in childhood or adulthood. It is likely you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms:

    • Persistently feeling over-whelmed or uneasy about normal daily schedule and tasks
    • Over-worrying about family, money, work, children or general health
    • Difficulty controlling your thoughts and nerves – waves of fear, dread or panic
    • You are aware that you are over-worrying but can’t control it
    • Low self-esteem or insecurity
    • Jumpy, shaky or finding it difficult to relax
    • Short concentration span
    • Shortness of breath, heart palpitations or chest pains
    • Sweaty hands/feet
    • Spinning head/light-headedness
    • Tiredness, difficulty sleeping or restless sleep
    • Aching muscles, tense shoulders and neck, tight jaw and/or headaches
    • Nausea, dry mouth and sometimes it’s difficult to swallow
    • IBS/irritable bowels
    • Moody or snappy with people unnecessarily
    • Feeling vulnerable, helpless or overwhelmed

    What triggers (GAD)

    General Anxiety Disorder can be triggered by all manner of things from childhood or in adult life which can begin to develop when we feel we might be losing control of our environment. 

    Well-known triggers include redundancy, illness, moving house, new neighbours, leaving university and retirement (please see my programme on Ageing Unplugged.) More serious situations can also trigger GAD, such as divorce/separation from a partner, bereavement, being arrested, threatened with violence. My anxiety hypnotherapy is a gentle, reliable treatment which can free you from anxiety so you can start living life to the full. Do you feel your GAD has been triggered by an event in life?


    Is this you? If so, please get in touch for a free hypnosis consultation.

    The science behind GAD

    When we feel threatened, our body’s sympathetic nervous system responds by releasing adrenaline and non-adrenaline. This makes us instantly more mentally and physically alert as we prepare to tackle the perceived threat. This is all good, as long as our body responds appropriately and proportionately to the threat. But, if our body over-reacts to a perceived threat, we can find ourselves preparing for “fight or flight” unnecessarily, and that is when we experience a feeling of being overwhelmed and on high-alert. 

    That feeling is anxiety – my anxiety hypnosis can stop you over-reacting so that you respond more positively to life’s events.

    Humans used to have a lot more danger in their lives than we do these days, hence the fight or flight instinct that is not always so welcome now. For example, humans really needed the instinctive fight or flight response if faced with a dangerous predator, an axe-wielding tribal enemy or a natural disaster. 

    Life is (hopefully) less traumatic these days, but our instincts remain the same when faced with perceived threats. An adrenaline response to a minor threat is not always welcome, for example, when we are faced with a job interview or work presentation and we cannot control the fight or flight response!

    Often, anxiety can turn into GAD when perceived threats keep happening and we cannot escape them. Many of us have prolonged difficulties or sadness to cope with in our lives, such as caring for a loved one with an illness, parenting a child with special needs, being unable to find work or being made redundant, but we have no choice but to try to deal with the stresses of life.

    The prolonged feeling of being under threat can raise the level of Cortisol hormone in our bodies, which in turn can lead to physical and emotional health issues, such as an anxiety disorder.

    You are not alone. About 1 in 10 people have an anxiety disorder which is affecting their emotional and physical well-being. Book an anxiety hypnotherapy consultation with me at my Kent practice, online or on the phone. Let’s free you from your anxiety and unlock your true potential – live life to the full again!

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