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Hypnotherapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Hypnotherapy for OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, is an effective, drug free therapy to help you overcome this debilitating condition.  I can treat you from my practice in, Gravesend Kent, or online using Zoom.

People who suffer with OCD have obsessions and/or compulsions that dominate their lives. Obsessions are frequent, unwanted, negative thoughts or urges that make you feel deeply anxious and fearful. In turn, the fear will make you feel the need to repeat a specific behaviour over and over again (compulsion) which will give you temporary relief from your anxiety. Sufferer’s of OCD might also have a motor/vocal tic disorder i.e. sudden, repetitive movements like blinking eyes, shaking head, shrugging shoulders, swallowing, sniffing, throat clearing or groaning. 

I am a highly qualified GAD hypnotherapist working from my Gravesend Kent practice and I’ve helped many people recover from this type of anxiety.


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Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Common OCD obsessions and their matching compulsions:

  • Contamination/germs – Can lead to obsessively cleaning an object or washing a part of your body, such as your hands.
  • Losing possessions – The sufferer will repeatedly count or hoard objects that have little value or significance.
  • Untidiness or lack of order/symmetry – People with OCD will repeatedly check that items are arranged in a certain perfect way.
  • Fear of yourself or others getting hurt  – You will repeatedly check that doors and or windows are locked, lights and the cooker is off etc.
  • Distressing or shameful thoughts entering your head (such as those involving sex, religion, violence etc) can lead to guilt and an overwhelming need to seek reassurance.

Hypnosis for OCD Can Help Sufferers

OCD sufferer’s tend to get trapped in a vicious circle of negative thought patterns and repeated behaviours which can be very distressing,  hypnosis is a gentle treatment which has very positive results. It is not easy to overcome OCD without expert support, so please don’t delay. 

When you get in touch we talk about how we can use modern hypnosis techniques to overcome your frustrations with this demanding condition.

My aim is to help control how you respond to unwanted thoughts and impulses, eventually freeing you of your obsessions and compulsions. Imagine the freedom you will feel!

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The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

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