Anxiety – Top 3 tips to looking after yourself

Anxiety – Top 3 tips to looking after yourself

It can sometimes feel as if we are swimming in a sea of anxiety. Watching television news can be very unsettling and I often recommend not watching it after 6pm, if at all. Over many years I’ve monitored whether knowing what’s in the news would have made any material difference to my life, and I would not have done even one single thing differently had I not known.

Another example can be going through airports where the language seems designed to make us anxious, with words like “final destination” and or “baggage will be destroyed if left unattended”.

Of course, looking after our personal data is important as the article below argues. But once we have done everything we can practically do, then let go and relax.

Here are my top 3 tips for relaxation.

  • Walking is my personal favourite – it’s free, needs no special equipment and very often you don’t need to go anywhere special to do it.
  • Learn and practice 7:11 breathing – it can make a real difference. Not all the time, just for those moments when we get stuck in situations which can irritate us, like being stuck in a traffic jam. To engage with your breathing in this way, the key is to make the out breath half as long as the in-breath. Ideally breathing into the count of 7 and out to the count of 11 but I suggest you be playful and find the right length of inhale for you.
  • Stop watching TV news. Let go of the need to be constantly informed and start to feel the benefit.

So my top 3 tips are: give up on TV news, walk regularly, and learn 7:11 breathing.