Low Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem

Self esteem: what is it?

It’s where you recognise what’s good about you. Where you know your values and you value yourself. On the other hand low self esteem stops you feeling as good as others. It prevents you from enjoying life and putting your best foot forward. When you’ve raised your self esteem with my programme you’ll feel it natural to go for the success you’re worthy of and experience a level of fulfilment in your life. You’ll learn how to feel differently and really feel that. You’ll move from being unsure of yourself to being sure able to recognise that as humans we are never perfect and aiming for perfection is an act of abuse on ourselves. So he’ll turn that around so you care for yourself well in a way that helps you to feel good about yourself and know your own self worth

Or perhaps for you your sense of low self worth turns up in low confidence

How does that impact you? Maybe you lack the confidence for that important interview (very common even at senior executive level).

Or it may be the confidence to ask someone for a date. Arguably this is another important interview. Both of these can affect the rest of your life.

Or it may be the confidence when starting to work with a new team.

First we need to look at the underlying reasons to why or how this may have arisen. This may be due to one particular stressful or traumatic event, or a series of even quite small things that have undermined your sense of self worth.

Then we look for the key characteristics which are necessary for you to find that all-important faith in you. This may be the ability to assert yourself appropriately. Or it may be feeling safe inside your own body. Or even  a positive mindset.

This gives you the springboard from which you can grow inwardly and achieve your goals in life, to succeed against the odds or to enjoy new and healthy relationships. The possibilities are endless.

And so we’ll build that confidence so you’ll feel confident and have faith in yourself.


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