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Unlocking Your True Potential

The Benefits of Personal Coaching

Whether you’re looking to find more confidence and self-belief to go for a promotion or new career, or to follow through with your health and wellness goals, hiring a personal coach can be the perfect partner to support and guide you to achieving your life goals.

Charles is a seasoned Transformational Coach, Mindset Strategist and Anxiety Management Consultant. He has worked with hundreds of clients over the 13 years he’s been in practice and provides support, impartiality, structure, energy, positivity and a lot of insight, so you know you’re in safe hands.

With Charles’ expert guidance and support you will:

  • Find new confidence in your abilities
  • Achieve milestones you never thought possible
  • Have more positive relationships with colleagues, family and friends
  • Let go of learned negative thought patterns


Whether you need help with anxiety issues such as social anxiety disorder, OCD or PTSD or would love to be free of a phobia which has plagued you for many years, or you would like support in another area like career progression or sticking to a weight loss plan, Smash Your Anxiety has the right programme that will help you get back to the real you.

The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

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