From Anxiety to Freedom

Are you struggling with a phobia? Modern therapy for your phobia could be the solution

Modern therapy for phobias is an excellent, drug free treatment to combat your phobia, whatever that may be. When we see a large lorry hurtling towards us we want to get out of the way quickly. So fear can be a useful thing. It’s just when it goes wrong and turns into a phobia that it can cause distress and restrict day to day life. This fear can become overwhelming and even debilitating. And left unchecked it can grow worse or make life more difficult. If you’re reading this it may well be that you agree from your own experience.

Phobias come in all sorts of “shapes and sizes”: they may relate to some specific
incident you experienced such as an uncomfortable experience at the dentist or
it may be something you have learned from childhood from a parent or sibling
such as places to avoid. Of course sometimes these can be useful but when they
take over our whole way of life then you are likely to benefit from my skills.

However the good news is you don’t need to feel stuck or let this weigh you down. Together we can change that.

What phobias can modern therapy treat?

The kinds of things people seek my assistance for are:

  • fear of flying
  • fear of spiders
  • needle phobia
  • a fear of being sick (emetophobia) or seeing others be sick
  • and of course there are many more.

Modern therapy techniques can help with all types of phobia – no matter how obscure the trigger or how strong the fear.

The feelings that come with a phobia are very real such as trembling, nausea, feeling dizzy, breathlessness or just a tight feeling in the chest.

So don’t delay. Don’t let it get any worse. Take action now. You can learn to take charge of your life again and stop avoiding things.

The modern approaches I use can be very effective and can work very fast. You can improve in as little as 2 to 3 sessions and usually the benefits are permanent.


Tell me about your situation and how I can help you!