Psychosexual dysfunction

Psyhcosexual Dysfunction

It is perhaps not surprising that in modern society people have this experience. Given all the freely available insights into sexual performance it can expose/leave someone expecting word class performance, and if this is not achieved then they feel like a failure. And very often there is little real opportunity to explore this in a safe environment where there is no judgement. Simply an opportunity to say freely what the concern is.


# You might be unhappy with your performance.

# You may want to improve your sexual enjoyment in some way

# You may have some physiological symptom where there is an associated psychological factor (medical advice may well be included to ensure a satisfactory outcome)

# Some psychological factor may be affecting the sexual drive.

Working with me, you can expect to be listened to and the underlying influence which is likely to be one of shame, embarrassment or guilt, to be explored in a respectful way.

The kind of common problems which can arise are:

# vaginismus

# anorgasmia

# penetration anxiety.

# erectile failure

# premature ejaculation

The usual outcome is one of a resolution of the underlying problem which may have arisen from some form of trauma or has in itself become traumatic, leading to greater enjoyment in the sexual act.


Tell me about your situation and how I can help you!