Hypnosis a powerful tool for weight loss

Hypnosis a powerful tool for weight loss

Losing weight is easy? All you have to do is to eat less, eat the right thing and exercise more, right? Fed up with weigh – ins? Then read on.

Maybe you lack confidence or are lonely or have low self worth? Perhaps when you were growing up your parents told you to always finish what was on your plate? Or some other reason? We are all absolutely unique so the reasons why you might be somewhat overweight and want to shed the pounds are unique to you too.

So in using hypnotherapy we can assist you to explore you inner landscape and find out what your blocks are. How do we do that? Well once we’ve achieved a state of hypnosis your critical conscious mind can simply observe what we are looking at without getting overly controlling. In this state we can give suggestions on developing new habits which you can choose to accept. The suggestions we give are agreed before we start so you can feel in control throughout. Hypnosis is not a magical wand where I wave some fairy dust and suddenly you can have the figure of your dreams it takes work and is something to be undertaken as a journey with me as a guide.

Over time we have gathered so much “data” within our deeper unconscious that we’ve forgotten all about: our behaviours, habits, beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in. By accessing these hidden patterns through hypnosis and all hypnosis is self hypnosis we can bring about changes in how we view food and our relationship with food. So start to think about how you want to be instead. Make some mind pictures. Check back to how you used to look and using that focus on how you want to be now. And relax and ensure a good night’s sleep as poor sleep can keep the weight sticking.

In my experience losing weight quickly is usually counterproductive. I encourage you to lose it in small incremental steps so your body can return to homeostasis after each small step. In this way you can achieve your new desired weight and keep it there.

So to start shedding those pounds now please get in touch: Charles@smashyouranxiety.com

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