Vitality for Executives

Vitality for Executives Programme

So, what is The Vitality Programme?  Well, it’s all about recovering or improving your vitality for life and who doesn’t want to either get some vitality back, or retain what they already have?

This four stage programme guides you towards having more vitality and to having greater levels of self care

After your initial assessment session to find out what level of support is required there are four further stages of the program customised to your needs, all of which can be taken on a regular basis or whenever you feel like it.

Are you anxious about ageing? Are you keen to maintain or improve your vitality?  Please book a FREE  Vitality for Executives consultation now.

Developing better resilience, optimism and energy

Stage One – Developing better resilience, optimism and energy

Without realising, you will be creating a positive change in your mindset.  Together you will discover how you can change aspects in your life that are possible, right now and how to make the best of out of those things that you can not change.  You will see how easy it is to become a brand new you with renewed optimism, resilience and energy for your life.

Stage Two – How to delay some physical processes of ageing

Past hurts, learned thought patterns and just life, in general, can affect us in ways we often do not even realise, leaving their mark which can often contribute to poor health and our feeling of wellbeing.  This stage deals with the letting go of all of that, giving you a much lighter sense of self which will enable you to find a new purpose.

Personal Coaching

Stage Three – Personal Coaching

This stage in the program is all about personal coaching.  You will learn some amazing self-help techniques which are exclusive to The Ageing-Unplugged Program which you won’t find anywhere else.  It really is a supercharged coaching method for getting results.

Stage Four – Sustainability

Invisible inner resistance can be the downfall for any self-help program, diet or new fitness regime; we all self-sabotage!  This final stage in the program deals with this inner resistance and you will learn how to continually maintain your newfound vitality.


As if all the above were not enough, Charles is a skilled hypnotherapist and coach treating issues such as stress management, pain management, hypertension management, self-confidence and self-worth issues, goal setting for upcoming executives and many other issues that most people just don’t know how to deal with on their own.

If you’re a young executive looking to survive the rat race and not suffer the dreaded burnout, this is for you and, if you’re somewhere in the middle but have lost your way, this programme can restore your focus and vitality for life again.

If the Vitality for Executives Program sounds like something you could benefit from, please get in touch today for your FREE consultation.

The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

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