Step by step, we will motivate you, celebrate your achievements and set you on a path to success. You will be equipped with the tools and mental focus to keep losing weight after the programme has ended.

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How I can help you change your relationship with food – some example sessions

This is totally a team effort and you will have my professional support every step of the way. To assist you to succeed in losing weight for the long term, I prefer to get into your head a bit. What you choose to disclose is entirely up to you and I won’t pressure for any details, but understanding key events in your life and your relationship with food and exercise will help me create the best personalised  weight loss management programme. 

Should you wish not to disclose anything about your life and thoughts, that is fine, I can still effect change and support you.



The saying “nothing worth having comes easy” is very true when achieving weight loss and keeping the weight off. Making lifestyle changes and viewing ourselves in a positive light does not happen overnight. The growing demand for instant satisfaction is not realistic or good for us. The only instant satisfaction I know of comes in the form of a chocolate cake.
We naturally seek perfection – it is often what initially motivates us to lose weight. Then we realise it is unachievable and give up, then anaesthetise ourselves with food. When we see perfect (retouched) images of toned, slim, sun-kissed bodies, it is natural for us to want to be like that too. But in reality, seeking perfection is negative and holds us back from losing weight. Let’s face it unless we spend hours working out in the gym every day, we are not going to attain the “perfect body”.

Allow yourself to move ahead with weight management at a sensible pace and in stages. You will find joy and satisfaction with every step and with weight loss therapy, you CAN achieve the healthy body you are happy with – the best version of you.

Goal setting

Part of your weight loss management programme will involve us setting manageable goals, or staged targets, over a realistic period of time. Without setting goals in life, it is hard to know which direction to take and it’s easy to feel demoralised or to lose focus.

So goal setting is an exciting session of empowerment that will change your view of weight loss. You will see losing weight as an achievable challenge, and no longer as the bane of your life. The aim is to keep the weight off for the long term, to remove anxiety, and to permanently improve your lifestyle habits. It is important to celebrate each staged target that you reach on your journey to a happier, slimmer you. You deserve this.

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Core identity and motivation

This session is about clearing any negative thoughts and pessimistic core beliefs which might have become ingrained in you. They are holding you back. We will develop a positive self-image which is right for you and not somebody else’s idea of how you should look. We will explore your cravings and pinpoint the negative areas that are preventing you from achieving weight loss. An important discussion is how often you have tried to lose weight before and why you self-sabotage or give in to temptation. Together, through safe and gentle weight loss therapy, we will permanently replace negative motivation with positive motivation so you feel fresh, optimistic and energised.

Let’s optimise you! 

The legal bit: Charles has the utmost respect for his clients and will seek to ensure that they receive the best outcome possible. However he cannot guarantee the results of any treatment as the outcome may vary from case to case.

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  • 10 hypnotherapy sessions with me
  • 2 sessions with our amazing expert nutritionist, Karen
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  • 6 hypnotherapy sessions with me
  • 2 sessions with our amazing expert nutritionist, Karen


  • 3 hypnotherapy sessions with me

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Imagine a happier, healthier life, when your weight is no longer an issue. Let’s make it a reality.


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