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Hypnotherapy For Business Owners & Professionals

Hypnotherapy for Business Owners & Professionals

Combating work related stress and anxiety

While there is always a natural amount of stress, pressure and anxiety with any job there are times when this goes beyond that point and we find it affects our health both mentally and physically. This can be caused by financial worries, unrealistic goals, challenging relationships at work and much more. At the point it starts to affect your mental and physical health as well as your work you can often find yourself feeling trapped.

Signs you might be suffering from work related stress:

  • You may experience increased heart rate and rapid breathing which may be perceived as shortness of breath and sweating to panic attacks.
  • You may be constantly worrying
  • You may start to worry about even simple tasks
  • You may anticipate problems at every turn
  • You may have low self-esteem or feel insecure
  • You may have a short attention span
  • You may struggle to feel still or calm


How can hypnotherapy help you?

You might not have considered hypnotherapy before for work related stress however it offers a great many benefits. The main benefit for many business owners and professionals is the speed and effectiveness it offers. In my experience your time is incredibly precious to you and the need to be fit, healthy and able to perform at work is a key priority. Hypnotherapy doesn’t require months or even weeks of consultations. We can tackle the issue quickly and directly by tapping into your subconscious mind to reduce or eliminate your source of anxiety and stress. 

On average it can take between 1- 3 consultations to relieve you of the stress and give you back the confidence and peace you are looking for. Even if your circumstances and job do not change your ability to manage the stress, pressure and your reaction to it can be changed. 

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