Your consultation

The Consultation Process

Your consultation

Intake form We will start the session by discussing your intake form, situation and your goals. For me to be able to truly help you, it’s vital to be honest about your fears, feelings and what you want to achieve. I can also answer any questions you have about the session and work we will be doing together. Now relax This the relaxation part of the process that leads to your going into a hypnotic state. You will be aware of everything around you and will hear everything I say. I will talk you through this until you are feeling calm, relaxed and focused. During this time I will discover the best way in which I can work with you. The process of guiding you into hypnosis typically comprises an induction and deepener. The purpose of this is to allow you to enter the state of hypnosis where you can focus selectively on your concern. Every session is as unique as you are, so this is geared around what is needed for you to achieve this state.

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The Session

During the therapeutic session, the real work takes place. Led by the answers and responses you gave in the beginning, I will begin with the changes you want to make. The language used will be specific to the change you described.

My job is to guide you through your specific change process, working on your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goal. 


With your permission only, some hypnotherapists will give you a post-hypnotic suggestion (PHS). That is a trigger that specifies an action after you leave. PHS is a benefit to you for when your session ends or to use between sessions. 


Transition to a new Awareness

When I feel you have explored your subconscious mind and completed your change work, I will start to bring you out of your heightened state of awareness.. It will be a gentle and slow process. You won’t “snap awake” like you see in the movies.

I will assess your mood and ask you some more questions. You will feel relaxed and the change work you did will start to manifest itself.


After the Session

We will discuss any future sessions. I may also give you more tools to use at home. Where appropriate, I will explain what I did and the techniques I used so you understand and are comfortable. It’s important to do any post-session work we agree. Remember, you’re in control at all times


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