Your Sessions

Using my skills in hypnotherapy and related disciplines, I will design a programme of one to one sessions to resolve your anxiety, tailored to your particular needs. During our sessions, we will explore the causes and triggers for what is happening inside you. As we progress through the sessions, I will guide you through 3 phases of development to overcome your Anxiety, empowering you with a new, lasting mindset:

Phase 1- laying new foundations

  • We develop a clear understanding of your anxiety and how it affects your life
  • We explore how you would like your future to be – your new mindset
  • We start removing your roadblocks by addressing triggers, fears and other negative aspects

Phase 2 – strengthening your mindset

  • We build inner resilience
  • We explore your new mindset, the openings and the empowerment it brings
  • We equip you with the tools you need to bridge your past to your future
  • We make secure links to the life you want

Phase 3 – a lasting structure

  • We complete the structure that supports you
  • We review all that we have done to ensure the structure is safe, resilient and lasting
  • We spend time deeply experiencing how your new mindset is becoming your reality
  • We celebrate the new version of you!

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